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Superior senior care that encourages independence, preserves dignity and involves family and friends.

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Assisted Living In Palm Springs, CA

Understanding the unique needs and concerns of each individual seniors needs. Here’s How We Can Help

Expert Care For Seniors

Over the last 10 years we’ve taken care of thousands
of seniors with the uttermost care and compassion.

Our Mission:

At Loving Care Living our mission is to provide a warm and caring atmosphere in a homelike environment that nurtures the spirit, protects the privacy, and fosters the individuality and spirituality of each resident for assisted living, while providing superior care and supervision that encourages independence, preserves dignity, and involves family and friends.

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From doctor appointments, medication management to ER visits. Our residents are never left alone. If a 911 emergency arises, an on-call administrator goes to the hospital and stays with the resident, providing great insight to the ER doctors and the lab technicians. This is most appreciated by the families, who often feel lost and uncertain of the next step.


Our professional and qualified staff are here to help with the most basic needs to the most complicated needs of each resident. Our staff is fully trained and certified as caregivers. We provide a higher level of memory care which requires a robust skill set from our staff.

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We recognize that what we provide is CARE and all of our efforts should be directed toward the need of our residents. We have skills normally reserved for larger companies, but we provide it with more through our one-on-one intimate care. Personalized and specialized towards the needs of the resident.


You’ll love the amenities at Loving Care Living! Stimulating activities, delicious food and expert level care available at all times, you can be assured your loved one is cared for holistically and help is always available.

A Day In The Life


Make Yourself At Home. Our facilities are designed to keep your loved one comfortable, relaxed, happy and safe. 


Home Cooked Meals  |  Personalized and Private Care  |  Private Patios & Outdoor Garden  |  Uniquely Furnished Rooms  |  Homelike Setting

3 Levels Of Care Options Available

For the past several years Loving Care Living has created a reputation of being a complete care company generally reserved for the larger more corporate facilities. Call 760-423-9637 or email info@lovingcareliving.com today to learn more!

Care Level 1

Residents have an increased functional limitations and psychosocial needs requiring not only care and supervision but frequent assistance with personal activities of daily living and active intervention to help them maintain their independent living.

Care Level 2

Residents rely on the facility for extensive assistance with personal activities of daily living. This level may include residents who also require the occasional services of skilled professional due to chronic health problems.

Care Level 3

Restricted health conditions. Urinary catheter, oxygen, contractures, incontinence and pressure sores and often hospice care.

Heartwarming & Life-Changing Experiences

“Thank you for all the L&C given to my father this year. I am so grateful for all of you. May the new year be blessed by God.”

“I know you hear this frequently but when our loved ones are at a distance it is very reassuring to know they are in such good hands. We…feel completely at ease knowing you are taking the best care of [Name is privacy protected].”

“Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. It is so good to know that you are in charge of [Name is privacy protected] comfort and care. Your homes are appropriately called Loving Care for that’s what you seem to offer every step of the way. (I would suggest you add Efficient Loving Care.) Looking forward to seeing you [for our loved one’s move in] . All the best, [privacy protected] ”

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