Is It The Right Time for Assisted Living in California?

The choice to move into an assisted living facility is not an easy one, especially when there are so many misconceptions in the public mind. Some of these are artifacts from bygone days, when there were fewer regulations on assisted living facilities, and before more was known about the elderly and aging as a developmental process. This post looks at 5 common misconceptions about assisted living in California.

1. Loss of Freedom- Many seniors feel that once they enter assisted living in California that they will lose their autonomy. This could not be farther from the truth. Residents of California assisted living facilities are able to keep their cars, can come and go as they please, and have no other restrictions placed on them. What residents do lose are the domestic requirements of daily living. They are now free to enjoy recreational activities without the burdens of maintaining a home.

2. Loss of Privacy- Assisted living communities are social in nature. There are communal areas and even large cafeterias for gathering with peers. However, it is perfectly acceptable and expected that a person would want to take meals in her room from time to time, or even as a normal part of the daily routine. In assisted living, residents get to choose exactly how social they wish to be.

3. Hospital Environment- Frequently, people have the idea that an assisted living facility will resemble a hospital. However, most residents live in environment that more closely remind them of an apartment building. Resident units typically allow lots of California sunshine, and even a nice patio for enjoying gentle breezes. Of course, medical care is available if one needs it, but most residents appreciate a doctor who does house calls!

4. Sick People- Active seniors abound in California assisted living facilities. While some residents may use a wheelchair or other device, they are usually active and healthy people. If a resident does become too ill, they are often transferred to the next level of care where they can still receive family and friends who come to visit.

5. Bad Food- While we all have varying tastes, it is always possible to sample the food at a facility prior to entering as a resident. Most facilities for assisted living in California will allow access to snacks throughout the day and many residents opt to have units complete with kitchens.