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Activities are a big part of our facilities

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With memory care residents especially the exercise and mental activities stimulates the mind. Walking improves behavior because it allows the medication to be processed in the body and therefore less is needed. Stimulating the socialization and helping to control depression and improve the digestive system

Recently Loving Care Living has added a full time Activity Coordinator. Activities for Senior Citizens are scheduled throughout the day, including an early morning stretching and range of motion exercises. Walking is a large part of a healthy lifestyle and residents are walked 3 times per day if they are unable to do it alone. Memory games and music therapy is an important part mental health.

Care Plan Activities May Include:

  • Morning Range of motion exercises which are done in place and work the arms and legs and stretches.
  • Current Events which is a group conversation and helping residents participate in life experiences
  • Ready scheduled walks of 10 minutes 3 times a day
  • Simple group games such a Simon Says or Card games such as War
  • Movies and Popcorn
  • Participating in daily living activities is very important and helpful in maintaining a connection with life on a daily basis. Such as setting table, washing dishes, folding laundry.

Adult Activities are the focus of our daily living. Our schedule revolves around some activity. It is the foundation of our “Day in the life of…” program.

Senior Activities are also the core of the care plan that we create with the families and doctors. Each care plan is carefully crafted to meet the physical and mental needs of our residents, tailored around their ability as well as their limitations.


“I know you hear this frequently but when our loved ones are at a distance it is very reassuring to know they are in such good hands. We…feel completely at ease knowing you are taking the best care of [Name is privacy protected].”

“Thank you for all the L&C given to my father this year. I am so grateful for all of you. May the new year be blessed by God.”

“Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. It is so good to know that you are in charge of [Name is privacy protected] comfort and care. Your homes are appropriately called Loving Care for that’s what you seem to offer every step of the way. (I would suggest you add Efficient Loving Care.) Looking forward to seeing you [for our loved one’s move in] . All the best, [privacy protected] ”

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