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Loving Care Living is a smaller facility with a higher skill set than most small facilities.

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Administrator: Our staff is headed by our Administrator. They have 10 years as a certified administrator and licensed by the State of California. Our administrator is medication technician as well and has been instrumental in developing our caregiver training program. Our current administrator has been with the company since the beginning. The administrator handles doctor’s appointments, works very closely with families and often times is thought of as part of their family. Our administrator is out in the community regularly and has become the face of Loving Care Living. Our administrator has been on call for 24/7 for the past 10 years. All calls go through them regarding resident change of conditions, family issues any medication given after hours through out the night.

  • Works with the insurance companies
  • Oversees all medication and well as working very closely with all hospice nurses
  • Handles all the pre assessments of prospective families

Direct Care Manager: Our caregivers are managed by the direct care manager. They have been with Loving Care Living for 4 years. Our direct care manager oversees the quality of the care by caregivers on a daily basis. They work with care plans and staff scheduling. We have a direct care manager and a direct care assistant, they oversees all inventory and shopping for meals and resident supplies. Our direct care manager is also a medication technician and manages the communication between caregivers and shift leaders. Loving Care Livings direct care manager is handles the majority of family contact, listening to their needs and concerns.

Medicine Technician: Our medicine technician is in the facility 24 hours. They are trained according to the requirements of the State of California with a minimum 6 months direct care experience, 40 hours of shadowing, 20 hours of classroom and tested according the the standards of the State. Med Techs are familiar with all medications for each resident including frequency of taking the medication, doses, possible side effects. They are responsible for all documentation related to the residents medications including maintaining daily records of all medications given and signing the records daily. They also monitor inventory and refills.

Caregiver Staffing is a big part of the quality of care a resident receives. Staffing ratios vary from big to small facilities. Most larger facilities manage a ratio of 12:1 (twelve residents to one caregiver). This model restricts the amount of time and as a result the amount of care provided. Higher level of care residents can not be cared for properly and as a result, certain daily living needs are forgotten. Also this ratio leads to lack of attention and results in a higher frequency of falls.

Expert Senior Care

All of our caregivers are trained routinely in dementia care, wound care, continent care, and first aid certified. Training is a very big part of Loving Care. We conduct regular in-service meetings with our staff and our nurse. All staff receive 14 hours of initial training before being allowed to care for residents. During the time, they shadow supervisors. This is done within the first 5 days. In comparison to state regulations which require 14 hours the first 30days.

Small care facilities are generally not known for a high skill set. They are predominantly a babysitting service. We are differ from other small care facilities by the skill set of our staff and management. We have 2 administrators on staff with 24/7 coverage by one. We have 7 medication technician. Volunteer coordinator, Full time Nurse on staff and on call.

Why 24-Hour Awake Staff?

Our complete care does not stop when the lights go out. Residents need care all the time.

Awake staff at night is an important part of continuing care for residents. An awake staff allows us the ability to accept a resident who wanders at night and is awake. Something most care facilities shy away from.  During the night we toilet and change those residents who are incontinent. This is important because rashes and infections happen from too much moisture for long periods of time and leads to skin breakdown and discomfort.

Medications schedules can be maintained. The facility can be cleaned at night, which is difficult during the day with all of the activity. Laundry is done at night so fresh sheets and linens are always available. Staff can change sheets if necessary at night to assure resident is dry and comfortable.

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